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Learn About 10BitWorks

10BitWorks is a non-profit, membership-supported project coworking space and learning center concept known as a hackerspace or makerspace. 10BitWorks is located in San Antonio, Texas as a tech/shop lab environment where innovators, techs, and creatives get together to make their own ideas whether practical, experimental or just for fun. All makers can mentor each other in their unique abilities that we each bring to the space from crafting, engineering, science, design, art, advertising and so much more. Come inspire and be inspired.

See Inside

Inside 10BitWorks, you will find 3D printers, laser cutters, robotics, electronics, and maker materials for hands-on exploring. Thanks to membership support and donations, curious minds will be given the opportunity to learn new skills by using tools and equipment that they may not have access to otherwise.

Curious about what we can provide? At 10BitWorks we have on hand a variety of tools and equipment any member can utilize including:

Don’t know how to use the equipment? Afraid of breaking something? Relax! Our community members can help teach you how to use the equipment so you can jump in whenever the creative spark hits you.

Our members have created: an acoustic guitar from scratch, a 3d printed humanoid robot that responds to voice commands, an electric water purifier, wireless light-up wearables, 3d printers from parts produced by a 3d printer, virtual reality video games, a massive radio antenna, and many more. Some members have started companies, finished their master’s thesis, received job offers, and found friends for life at 10BitWorks!

Our Community

We are a diverse community of makers, artists, engineers, fashionistas, programmers, hackers, gamers, jewelers, hams, and much more. 10BitWorks strives to make a safe welcoming space that anyone can join.

Making stuff isn’t the only thing we do at 10BitWorks. We also hold classes, workshops, community meetings, and events. We have fun too, including watching movies, playing board games, and just generally hanging out.

10BitWorks is entirely member-funded and we couldn’t exist without the support from our community. Additionally, we board-run by members of the community and anyone is invited to our monthly member meeting to add their input on the shape and direction of 10BitWorks.

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These people were so incredibly nice to me, and they have a wide range of equipment. It’s a wonderful place.